We are delighted to announce that the Sri Lanka College of Paediatricians is hosting the 6th Global Congress for Consensus in Paediatrics and Child Health (CIP) in Colombo, Sri Lanka, from November 12-15, 2017.
CIP brings an innovative and stimulating global academic debate platform searching for consensus and agreements on main child health pathologies, management options of paediatric health problems, difficulties faced and controversies...

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Children are the future of Humanity and every generation has the duty of ensuring they receive optimal health care, based on agreed guidelines and strategies, set and recognized by global accord and consensus.

To achieve such goal, based on these beliefs and moved by sentiments of commitment, a group of leading pediatricians from the four corners of the Universe met ten years ago and agreed to establish a nonprofit permanent organization that has in the interim arranged and led six Worldwide congresses: the Global Initiative for Consensus in Pediatrics (CIP).

From the beginning we felt bi-annual congresses are not enough, as they reach at most thousands of pediatricians while in the World they range millions, and they present updated knowledge in waves rather than at a constant flow. Therefore the board of CIP has tried simultaneously to establish a platform for constant sharing of knowledge.

This effort has been catapulted by an unexpected and unwanted visitor named Acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2). Its arrival has challenged us to intense changes in our practice and the ways we keep updated as it restricts not only the way physicians engage with patients but also how they interact with peers and colleagues. Fortunately it also ushered the incorporation of technology into the engaging and interacting in ways previously derided. 

And thus we proudly present to you the CIP Community Project

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